Smoke Ventilation Products

Our range of smoke ventilation products consists of various types of mechanical and natural smoke systems. Our smoke vent products provide both smoke and day-to-day ventilation. They comply with the latest Building Regulations on Fire Safety and can be integrated into any Building Management Systems.

About Williaam Cox Smoke Ventilation services

Williaam Cox Limited, a subsidiary of the Clarison Group, is an established participant in the Irish Smoke Ventilation Industry in Ireland. Since inception, in 1966, Williaam Cox has progressed steadily building a strong knowledge base foundation, and strategic approach to providing cost effective, fit for purpose smoke ventilation solutions. One of our focal points is the necessity for the smoke control system to function at optimal performance levels in the event of a fire. Williaam Cox have an accredited smoke ventilation service and maintenance division driven by personal pride and a social responsibility conscience. We provide customers with peace of mind that their ventilation system has been maintained correctly and in accordance with the current regulations.

Over almost 60 years, we have built stakeholder relationships with world leading manufacturers and suppliers of EN (European Norm) compliant smoke ventilation equipment based on integrity, straight-talk, and robust communication. We have requested equipment enhancements to meet our clients’ needs when required. We have willingly participated in product design and development, sharing our installation knowledge. Our determination to get to the root cause of a problem is integral in our determination to achieve the highest standards surpassing the industry norm.

The Williaam Cox supplier payment philosophy has positioned the company in a secure position with our stakeholders and supply chain. We employ a dedicated compliment of senior industry players with excellent supply chain management skills to ensure your equipment is sourced and supplied within an agreed time frame to meet the demanding needs of the construction industry.

In addition to the vast experience of our supply chain and construction industry knowledge, Williaam Cox brings 36 years of dedicated local and international experience in the design and supply of smoke control systems. This provides the requisite level of compliance and safety client’s desire. This furthermore enhances our ability to respond to the unique challenges that the industry presents. Should the need arise, we can provide a CFD modelling service to evaluate the performance of any design, providing flow patterns, dead spot identification, average age of air in the fire zone, velocity vectors, smoke temperature and fresh air pathways. This allows the designer to prove the functionality of the design prior to installation.
We are confident Williaam Cox is committed, trained, equipped, resourced, educated, tested, lead, and supported by a mature and dedicated senior management team to deliver your project in the manner in which you require every time, with no hidden costs.

Should you want the opportunity to meet and connect with one of our subject specialists please email us on and we will enthusiastically see how we can help you.

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