Williaam Cox MCR ZIPP Cut Off Valves

Cut-off fire valves MCR ZIPP are used to separate the fire hazard zone from other parts of the building and to transfer air through building partitions. They consist of a casing with a circular cross section, a moving cut-off partition, a connection pipe and a trigger and control mechanism.

Valve’s cut-off blade is made of fireproof material. From the outside, it is covered with powder-coated steel sheet. The blade is placed on a threaded, moving guiding pin. This allows to adjust air flow during normal valve’s operation.

During normal operation of the ventilation system, the MCR ZIPP valves remain in the open position, while in the event of a fire they are closed automatically.

They can also be used in systems protecting escape routes against smoke, where valves remain open during a fire enabling the supply of fresh air. With further fire development, the valves are closed automatically.


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