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Smoke Ventilation

Smoke ventilation and high-quality smoke vent systems are at the fore of Williaam Cox Service and Maintenance division. We are committed to safeguard our clients and the buildings that they occupy by ensuring that they are well ventilated and safe environments, protecting against loss of life and building damage. Scheduled servicing can prevent smoke vent systems malfunctioning thereby minimising disruption, downtime and possible damage.

At Williaam Cox we understand that smoke ventilation requirements for each building and organisation is different and that is why we tailor our service and maintenance to meet our client’s specific needs. We offer full lifetime logistic support and provide a comprehensive maintenance and inspection service to ensure your smoke ventilation equipment operates fully and effectively all year round.

Williaam Cox Service and Maintenance division provides all our clients with a unique maintenance programme to ensure the optimum performance of the smoke exhaust system meets all legislative objectives.

Our Scope

Williaam Cox offers both annual and multi-annual contracts for the servicing of smoke exhaust systems including:

  • Smoke / Day-to-Day Ventilations
  • Pneumatic Smoke Exhaust Systems
  • Control Panels
  • Window Actuators
  • Smoke Shaft Systems
  • Smoke Curtains
  • Stairwell Pressurisation Systems
  • Fire Dampers
  • Wind / Rain Sensors


Natural and smoke ventilation plays an important part in protecting a building, it’s occupants and its contents. The criteria for the design, testing and ongoing maintenance of equipment laid down in BS7346, EN12101, BS9999 and BS5588 safety standards. These standards recommend that smoke vent systems should be serviced at least once a year and tested at regular intervals to ensure the system is operating correctly.

Why choose Williaam Cox

Advice – We provide site surveys and advice on best practice.
Peace of Mind – With Williaam Cox Service and Maintenance you are sure your
smoke exhaust systems are maintained to the highest standards.
Regulatory Compliance – With Williaam Cox Service and Maintenance division you
can be assured that you have met your legal and regulatory
Experience – We have extensive experience and technical expertise in all types
of buildings, smoke exhaust and ventilation systems.
Standards – We aim to maintain the highest standards, as such our service engineers have many years’ experience and hold the relevant electrical qualifications and fire engineer.


We recommend that following installation, smoke ventilation equipment should be serviced at least once a year and inspected every 6 months.

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