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Curtain Walling as a term describes large expanses of framed structural glass walls used in commercial and industrial buildings. Members are usually made from extruded aluminium components and span vertically from floor to floor. We apply a powder coated finish to the extrusions which are warranted for 25 years and have a life expectancy of 50+yrs.

Glazed aluminium curtain wall component parts are manufactured in our factory, delivered to site in our own vehicle and the kit of parts, together with glass and accessories is assembled on site. The system is mullion drained and pressure equalised. Perimeter sealants are EPDM and wet applied silicones.
External means of access like scaffold, mast climbers or scissors lifts are required to install stick curtain walling systems.

Fire and acoustic barriers can also be fitted where appropriate. All our Schüco products come with test certificates and are in full compliance with building regulations.

Design Options

Accessories that can be incorporated into the stick curtain wall system are as follows

  • Visible and framed opening vents
  • Structurally glazed invisible vents. (Both options can be top, bottom, and side hung or tilt and turn)
  • Pop out Vents.
  • Smoke vents.
  • All of the above can be fitted with electric drive units controlled locally or from BMS Systems.
  • Brise Soleil
  • Ceramic or vision panels
  • Photovoltaic glazing
  • Aluminium or ACM infill’s
  • Rain Screens Aluminium or Terracotta
  • Hard wood panelling
  • Shorter lead time
  • On-site flexibility
  • Lower cost
  • Design flexibility
  • Thermal / structural / acoustic efficiency

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