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What is the difference between smoke control and smoke ventilation?

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Ventilation is crucial for smoke control. However, a common misconception is that smoke control and smoke ventilation are the same or serve the same purpose. Although equally vital to saving lives, smoke control and smoke ventilation systems perform distinct functions. Smoke can be hazardous, and its consequences go far beyond being toxic. So, we have prepared this post to help you understand the differences between the two systems and how they can increase safety levels.

What is smoke control?

Smoke control systems regulate the flow of smoke and air in a building. They can comprise multiple components, employing a range of methods to fulfil their design goal, which is usually to preserve a tolerable atmosphere long enough for all occupants to exit the building. There are several types of smoke control systems:

Systems employed in smaller enclosed areas

  • Smoke Refuge Area Pressurization
  • Vestibule Pressurization
  • Stairwell Pressurization
  • Elevator Pressurization
  • Zone Smoke Control

Systems for larger spaces (atriums, warehouses, etc.)

  • Mechanical Smoke Exhaust
  • Natural Smoke Ventilation

What is smoke ventilation?

Still saving lives but serving a different purpose, smoke ventilation systems allow occupants of a building to safely escape a fire/smoke event while also controlling the fire in its initial stages. Heat and smoke ascend higher during a fire. Therefore, smoke ventilation systems are strategically placed to allow the stifling hot air and smoke to escape. Besides, strict regulation and design guidelines define smoke ventilation systems’ specificities, installation, operation, and maintenance.

Rooftops, smoke shafts, halls, corridors, and stairwells are the best-suited places for smoke ventilation systems. Trustworthy and dependable, they are an essential safety element in a fire since they allow the building’s occupants to exit with little risk of smoke inhalation.

Smoke Ventilation from Williaam Cox

Williaam Cox’s smoke ventilation systems are fully compliant EN/BS standard solutions suited to both smoke and day-to-day ventilation, consisting of a range of mechanical and natural smoke ventilators. We understand the importance and the critical role our smoke ventilation solutions play. For this reason, not only do our systems comply with the latest Building Regulations on Fire Safety, but we also provide our clients with a unique maintenance programme to guarantee that our smoke exhaust system performs optimally and satisfies all regulatory requirements.

Our Range of Smoke Ventilation Products

At Williaam Cox, we have a wide range of smoke ventilation solutions suited to different needs and purposes.

Casement Ventilators

  • Brakel Ventria | Provides natural ventilation for both smoke and hot air, and it is often integrated into glazed facades and roofs for air feed and air extraction. Suitable for all types of glass up to a thickness of 40mm.
  • Brakel Lumera | High-quality architectural ventilation window with slim profiles and hidden controls in the frame. The opening angle of the window about the base is variable up to a maximum of 90º. Suitable for both day-to-day ventilation and fire ventilation.
  • Brakel Inova | Natural ventilation window suitable for day-to-day and fire ventilation. Due to its controls being wholly embedded in the structure, Inova has a slim and aesthetic profile, and high-grade vent light suited for façade applications.

Flap Ventilators

  • Brakel Duo Therma | Double flap ventilator for natural and fire ventilation. Especially suitable for buildings with high standards of airtightness, thermal and acoustic insulation, and areas with high relative humidity.
  • Brakel Fumetica | EN 12101-2 certified double flap system suitable for exhausting smoke and heat, daily ventilation, and acts as a skylight. With large dimensions up to 7.5 m², Fumetica is ideal for effectively venting large quantities of (polluted) hot air and smoke.
  • Solus | Tested and certified to EN12101-2, Solus is a dual function smoke ventilator for smoke and natural ventilation and an access hatch unit. The 24v DC operating mechanism can be offset to facilitate access through the unit.

Louvred Ventilators

  • Brakel Optima | The most energy-efficient louvred ventilator for both smoke and heat exhaustion and ventilation, Optima is perfect for use in sustainable buildings. This unit is entirely thermally separated and, undoubtedly, has the best air and water tightness on the market.
  • Brakel Eura | The most cost-efficient installation solution for smoke and day-to-day ventilation. This versatile ventilator can be installed at any angle from horizontal through to 90° vertical, making the product widely used in various building types, typically large commercial applications, and industrial and commercial buildings.
  • Eura Excellent | Impact resistant and EN 12101-2 certified, Eura Excellent is perfectly capable of extracting large amounts of air and heat quickly and is suitable for air supply (facade) and air extraction (facade and roof).
  • Brakel Estra | A Louvre system fitted vertically and suitable for daily ventilation and smoke and heat extraction. Estra is available with either single or double glazing with thermally separated profile sections.
  • Eura-R | A variation of the Brakel Eura, Eura-R is the ideal solution when there is a requirement for permanent ventilation during all-weather types within industrial buildings and carparks.

Natural Ventilation

Extremely energy-efficient and economical to run compared to traditional ventilation solutions. Ventilation is achieved by automatically opening and closing windows depending on conditions inside and outside the building and the need for fresh air. We at Williaam Cox can provide the most modern solution’s available with manual and app controlled options ensuring full control of a buildings internal air control and environment.

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