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Williaam Cox Kingspan Ventria

Product Overview

The Williaam Cox Kingspan Ventria provides natural ventilation for both smoke and hot air. Thanks to its attractive external design the Williaam Cox Kingspan Ventria is often integrated into glazed facades and glazed roofs for air feed and air extraction. It is available in both a thermally broken and standard insulated/uninsulated design and is suitable for all types of glass up to a thickness of 40mm.

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Williaam Cox Kingspan Lumera

Product Overview

The Williaam Cox Kingspan Lumera is a high-quality architectural ventilation window with slim profiles and controls that are hidden in the frame. The Lumera was especially designed for structural glass roofs with a small incline. It is a vent light that can be mounted at an angle of 0-30º. The opening angle of the window in relation to the base is variable up to a maximum of 70º. As a result, the Lumera is suitable for both day-to-day ventilation and fire ventilation. It consists of cold bridge-free aluminium profiles ensuring that a high insulation value is attained. It is designed with an eye for detail and is therefore suited for use in buildings with very stringent aesthetic requirements. Examples of this are the concealed controls and the glass fixing, which are not visible from the outside. If required, the Lumera can be anodised or powder-coated in any RAL colour.


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Williaam Cox Kingspan Inova

Product Overview

The Williaam Cox Kingspan Inova is a natural ventilation window that is suitable for day-to-day and fire ventilation. The Inova, with its slim profile, is an aesthetic, high-grade vent light for façade applications. The controls for the frame have been completely embedded in the structure. The Inova can be supplied untreated, anodised or powder-coated in any RAL colour required. The following designs can be supplied in the vent light: single-walled aluminium, double-walled aluminium insulated, laminated glass, insulated glass and double-walled polycarbonate.

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