Smoke Ventilation Overview

The range of COXDOME Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation Systems (SHEVs or smoke vents) consists of various different types of mechanical and natural smoke ventilators. Our ventilation systems provide both smoke and day-to-day ventilation, they comply with the latest Building Regulations on Fire Safety and can be integrated into any Building Management System.

Smoke is potentially lethal, and it is well established that in the unfortunate event of a fire most deaths occur due to smoke inhalation rather than the victims actually being burned. The reduction of visibility in smoke also hampers evacuation and rescuing of disabled or injured occupants of buildings, as well as affecting fire-fighting operations.

The purpose of providing a smoke ventilation system is to allow the smoke and heat generated by the fire to exhaust to the atmosphere. Williaam Cox Limited provide a complete range of high quality smoke and general day-to-day ventilation systems as part of our well-established range of COXDOME Building Products. COXDOME ventilation systems are suitable for almost every application, whether they are installed in a single storey industrial building, shopping centre or public building. The ventilators used for smoke and heat ventilation have been tested and conform to the requirements of Technical Guidance Document, Part B – 2006.