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What is a SHEV System?


A SHEV system stands for Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilator. SHEV systems help release smoke or heat from a building through an opening system in the roof or through walls.

A SHEV system is necessary for any commercial building as it protects both human life and property. If SHEV systems are planned correctly, they will limit the damage to a property in the event of a fire by directing hazardous smoke and heat out of the building. The goal is also to create a smoke-free zone on the floor. SHEV systems must be designed based on the building’s size, type, and use, which determines how the individual smoke exhaust units are arranged.

The SHEV systems at Williaam Cox are designed with individual smoke and heat exhaust units to release the smoke and drastically improve the air quality within the building. The SHEV systems from Williaam Cox can be included in glass skylights, continuous roof lights, glass roofs and double opening vents. Simply put, a SHEV system is an opening in the roof’s surface that can be integrated into the skylight systems.

The SHEV system can be opened manually or automatically. If a fire occurs, the smoke and gases are released via exhaust openings. A smoke and heat ventilation system can also be included in the lower wall area. This system includes supply air openings. As well as this, it can consist of fire direction elements, activation or release devices, opening units, power supply lines and smoke aprons in bigger rooms.


How SHEV Systems work

The operating fundamentals of a smoke and heat exhaust system are based on the fact warm air rises. The natural smoke extraction is caused by the thermal lift activated by openings in the roof or façade. The openings or heat exhaust units are designed to keep buildings smoke-free, especially in the lower area, during the event of a fire.

Heat dissipation is primarily about preserving life and saving buildings by reducing the heat. Focusing on smoke control increases the chances of personal protection. The SHEV Systems creates a smoke-free layer to ensure that people in the building have sufficient visibility and enough oxygen to escape.


SHEV Systems at Williaam Cox

Williaam Cox supplies a wide range of smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems. These systems are designed to provide both smoke and day to day ventilation and meet the aesthetic and performance requirements of architects, building operators, specifiers and contractors.

They can be integrated into any Building Management System and comply with the latest building regulations on fire safety.


Casement Ventilators 

A casement ventilator is a SHEV natural air and smoke ventilator. It has been designed to be both functional and aesthetic to meet the demands of modern construction. William Cox provides a range of casement ventilators, including:

  • Ventria
  • Lumera
  • Inova


Flap Ventilators 

Flap Ventilators are SHEV systems installed in rooftops and industrial buildings. They are designed to provide smoke, heat and day-to-day natural ventilation. William Cox offers a range of flap ventilators, including:

  • Duo Therma
  • Fumetica
  • The Dual-Purpose Smoke Access Hatch


Louvred Ventilators 

Louvred Ventilators are SHEV systems designed to provide daily building ventilation. They are designed with horizontal slats that can be opened and closed. Williaam Cox offers a range of Louvred Ventilators.

  • Optima
  • Eura
  • Eura Excellent
  • Estra
  • Eura-R


SHEV System Specialists  

SHEV systems are an essential part of any modern fire protection concept and they are compulsory as fire prevention measures. We have helped numerous Irish businesses from various industries improve fire safety for their employees and customers. Our team are experts in SHEV systems and can help you choose the correct products to protect your business.


SHEV System Service & Maintenance Specialists  

At Williaam Cox, we specialise in the service and maintenance of the following:

  • Smoke / Day-to-Day ventilation equipment, AOV’s.
  • Pneumatic Smoke Exhaust Systems.
  • Smoke shafts.
  • Smoke extraction fans.
  • Pressurised systems.
  • Fire/Smoke Curtains.
  • Fire Roller Shutters/Curtains.
  • Control Panels.
  • Car Park Extraction Fans.
  • Fire Dampers.
  • Weather Stations/Rain Sensors And Weather Stations for integration with BMS.

If you would like more information on the range of Williaam Cox SHEV systems, or you would like to discuss your specific project requirements contact us today or email service@williaamcox.ie.