COXDOME Glass Rooflights are the industry standard for glazed rooflights on both commercial and household projects.


COXDOME Flatglass

The COXDOME Flatglass glazing system is an aluminium roof glazing system designed to provide glazed solutions to suit openings up to 2600mm wide with no transom. Larger sizes are available with the introduction of supporting members. This is a mono pitch rooflight with a sleek simple design incorporating clean glazing lines and for internal aesthetics.


The COXDOME Laantherna glazing system is an extruded aluminium roof glazing system designed to provide glazed solutions to opes up to 4000mm wide. It is available in a variety of pitches (monopitched version available) and is designed to fit on a builder’s curb.

The system consists of an extruded aluminium curb adaptor with 50mm wide mullions, transoms and ridge bar thermally broken.

The glass is retained by a pressure plate & cap.

Coxdome Pyramids are also available in this range

Coxdome Greenlite - The ‘green’ glass rooflight

The sustainable alternative to plastic

Roolights and skylights are highly popular means of allowing in natural light. In the past
they were made nearly exclusively of synthetic materials. As the market leader in glass
roof structures, Brakel now introduces a glass roolight that makes the most effective
possible use of the valuable natural sources of light and air.

Daylight system of the future

Sustainable, energy eficient and transparent. Besides allowing daylight ingress, the
Coxdome Brakel glass roolight also makes an effective contribution towards daily ventilation.
The Greenlite triple version thereby delivers, with a U-value of 0.52 W/m2K, the highest
performance thanks to a triple-wall structure and glazing.



Williaschucoam Cox have also completed numerous bespoke specialist roof glazing projects. Specific Glazing, ventilation and colour requirement can all be incorporated. Please consult the Sales office for all enquiries.