The COXDOME brand is synonymous with Rooflights for decades. The Coxdome rooflight has undergone various upgrade and modifications over the last few years and is now prides itself as having a solution for all application and for every budget.

COXDOME Mark 1 Range

The COXDOME Mark 1 range is a circular rooflight dome. It is available in double or triple glazed domes and can come with a polyester upstand or can suit a preformed builder’s upstand.  Hinged ventilation is available with either manual or electrical operation.


COXDOME Mark 3 Range

The COXDOME Mark 3 range is a square or rectangular shaped rooflight dome. It is available in double or triple or quadruple glazed domes and can come with a uPVC upstand (height extensions available) or can suit a preformed builder’s upstand.  Ventilation options are available – trickle,  manual hinged and electrical hinged.
The COXDOME Mark 3 range is also available as an access hatch. Please refer to sales office for further information.

COXDOME Mark 3 Renovate Range 

The COXDOME Mark 3 renovate is a retro-fit dome, designed to suit a wider range of existing upstands. It has a 100mm flange that enables it to be fitted to existing upstands of varying dimensions. It is available in single, double or triple glazed domes and is ideal for the refurbishment projects or repair work.


The COXDOME 2000 is the most technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing system of its type available. Its framed uPVC construction is the result of years of R&D providing complete thermal efficiency and minimising the risk of condensation.
It can be specified for virtually any roof lighting application, particularly domestic and commercial buildings. Where ventilation is required the COXDOME 2000 may be specified as hinged units in all sizes.

The Main Features:

  • Suitable for use with splayed upstand or curb adaptor.
  • Unit fully sealed when closed.
  • Infinitely variable degree of ventilation with manual or electric operation up to a maximum opening height of 300mm.
  • Manual option incorporates a worm drive opening mechanism that is operated by a portable opening rod.
  • The electrical option incorporates a linear actuator operated by a wall mounted toggle switch.

COXDOME Mark 5 Range

The COXDOME Mark 5 range is a retro-fit system and is only manufactured to replace existing only. There are countless COXDOME Mark 5 domes across the country, many of which have been installed more than 30 years ago.
The COXDOME Mark 5 domes still incorporate the unique security conscious snap together assembly, removing the need for replacing existing upstands or vents.

COXDOME Hinged Access Unit

The COXDOME Hinged Access Unit is available in a number of sizes  - 900mm x 900mm, 1050mm x 1050mm, 900mm x 1200mm and 1200 x 1200 and is suitable for fitting on to a flat roof. The unit is available in to suit a roof opening or alternatively to fit on preformed and weathered builders kerb. Please consult the Sales Office for further details.
Derived from the COXDOME Mark 3 and 2000, the rooflight is manufactured from uPVC  components including upstand, intermediate frame and the dome frame. The intermediate frame houses the gas rams and the dome itself is available in a number of glazing options.

The unit can be opened from the inside only and has a lockable cockspur handle internally.

All uPVC components are UV stable and are finished internally and externally in white.

COXDOME Solid Aluminium Access Unit

The Williaam Cox Solid Aluminium Access Hatch range offers a competitively priced, high quality option for a wide range of applications Simple to use and supplied with various security options, and are manufactured with heavy gauge materials making them ideal for secure areas. Complete unit –Insulated aluminium kerb / frame and insulated aluminium flat lid with all control gear and locks prefitted. Designed to prevent water ingress with no visible fixings in the hatch lid. Featuring a 10 year warranty and with the method of locking, coupled with the strength of the unit mean that forced entry via the hatch is extremely unlikely. Single or dual opening (for larger sizes) and with a variety of control gear to assist manual opening or to automatically open.


COXDOME Continuous Rooflights

COXDOME  continuous rooflights bring the benefit of evenly distributed natural light to all kinds of commercial and industrial buildings, with a comprehensive range of systems and a host of design and material options.Proven in countless applications worldwide, they provide an attractive and cost-effective light source for factories, hospitals, schools and leisure centres, (anywhere where vertical glazing is ineffective or impractical) Alternatively, Continuous rooflights can be mounted onto structural steelwork to form a canopy or covered walkway.

Please consult the Sales office for all enquiries.