Polycarbonate combines a number of features, allowing a wide range of uses. This highly versatile and durable material is the answer to virtually all of the designer and contractor’s security and glazing needs. Polycarbonate is also machinable and is used in a variety of tough and durable applications.

Polycarbonate is a very advanced polymer. It offers a combination of properties: strength, transparency, light weight, flexibility, durability, thermal and fire resistance.

Polycarbonate is virtually as transparent as glass (80% LT Approx.), 200 times stronger than float glass and nearly half the weight. In addition to all of these features, Polycarbonate can be bent either hot or cold.

Polycarbonate’s resistance to breakage qualifies it as the best existing glazing thermoplastic material available, with impact resistance that is virtually impervious to hammer blows, stones etc. Polycarbonate is suitable for use in areas exposed to vandalism.

Polycarbonate constitutes a breakthrough in both design concept and construction methods. The sheets are manufactured to comply with European standard specifications.

Built-In UV Protection and UV Resistance

Polycarbonate sheets have an co-extruded UV protective layer, while Polycarbonate UV2 offers co-extruded UV protective layer on both sides. This dramatically improves their durability and compliance with outdoor appliances.


Multiwall Polycarbonate has an excellent reputation for light transmission, design flexibility, toughness, stable performance in temperature extremes, as well as an exceptional fire rating.

Multiwall Polycarbonate provides an even diffused light, a long lifespan and is easily cut and trimmed on site. It can be manipulated around gentle curves and is lighter and more impact resistant than float glass.

Fixing Accessories

Williaam Cox supply a broad range of complementary fixing accessories to suit timber rafters and or box sections. The fixing range is an aluminium based system with an EPDM gasket, and both caps and gaskets are available in white and brown colours.

In addition roof glazing accessories, “U” profiles, “F” profiles, fixing buttons, flashings etc. also are available in white or brown and come in various lengths. All sealing gaskets are manufactured in a lubricated EPDM designed to minimise creaking noises.

The aluminium cap and rafter gasket system is also suitable for use with glass.